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Srixon AD333 Yellow Golf Balls
The new Srixon AD333... the best just got even better.

Srixon AD333 2014 Golf Balls. Srixon are now onto the 6th generation of the hugely popular AD333 ball that has kept it's title as the number one 2-piece ball on the market.

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Now in it's 7th generation the Srixon AD333 is still the undisputed number one 2-piece ball on the market and doesn't look like giving up the crown easily. 2nd generation Spinskin™ technology, a new circular 324 dimple pattern and a larger and highly resilient soft energetic growth core all combine to keep this ball at the top of the podium, and provide you with game improvement from tee to green.

The biggest advancement with last years AD333 ball was Spinskin™ technology adopted from the premium Z-Star range, now in it's second year Spinskin™ provides a 20% increase in frictional force at impact compared with last years ball. The result is exceptional greenside spin and performance. The advanced Spinskin™ molecular coating structure provides a soft and flexible pattern giving more friction off the club face without sacrificing distance.

Not content with being number one, Srixon have developed a 324 speed dimple design, the new circular dimple pattern reduces drag for a more penetrating ball flight with more carry on every shot, providing excellent performance in windy conditions.

The AD333 still remains as durable and resilient as ever thanks to the Rabalon® HR+ and Pana-tetra blended outer cover. These engineered materials also provide the AD333 with an unrivalled soft feel and control for game improvement at every level.

Designed for golfers of all abilities and optimized for people with a swing speed of 80mph rather than a lot of the top tour balls which are made for people who swing the club at 115mph

Play a Srixon AD333 golf ball and see why they are played by so many golfers across the UK and throughout Europe.

  • Second Generation SpinSkin - The new coating increases the frictional force at impact by 18% compared to the previous version resulting in even more greenside spin, control, and a softer feeling ball
  • 324 Speed Dimple Pattern - Next generation Speed Dimple™ technology combines higher dimple uniformity and surface coverage to create a more aerodynamic design with less drag, resulting in longer distance and a truer ball flight in any wind condition
  • Energetic Gradient Growth Core - Advanced construction optimizes S.T.A.R. Performance (Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness)
  • S.T.A.R. Performance - Each Srixon golf ball model is designed by strategically balancing Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness for the target player. The result is unmated performance on every shot
  • Construction: 2pc
  • Cover Hardness: 57
  • Cover Thickness: 0.057"
  • Compression: 78
  • Dimple Number: 324