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Ping G25 Fairway

Ping G25 Fairway

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Ping G25 Fairway

For delivery beginning of May 2015

The new ping G25 fairway will replace the G20 and this new club looks like it will be well worth a look. Ping claim that this is the hottest face they have created and with a low centre of gravity it will make you more accurate as well. (Longer and straighter what more can you wish for) This club is great for shots struck a little bit clean (from the bottom of the club) and a player will enjoy using this from tight lies.

It is finished in a matt finish charcoal which is darker than the G20 and it still has the easy alignment symbols on the top of the club. The thinnest face that has ever been created on a fairway wood will help you gain extra distance and the optimum sole weighting gets the weight low and back which will give the best launch angles.

The headshape is quite traditional in it's shape and sits nice and square which is good on the eye, it is made of 18-4 stainless steel and looks like it will be one of pings biggest selling fairway woods.

It is available in 4 loft options which are the 15 degree (3 wood), 16.5 degree (4 wood), 18 degree (5 wood) and 21 degree (7 wood) and the shafts that ping use for this club is the TFC 189F graphite shaft which is available from soft regular to extra stiff

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What is Custom Fitting?

Custom Fitting is the process by which golf equipment is tailored to an individual's unique needs. Custom Fitting can be used to achieve many different aims; adapting to a players physical dimensions (taller / shorter / large hands etc), reducing the impact of a consistent swing fault,to encourage the correct technique,to eliminate a specific shot, At its more technical level Custom Fitting can build low handicap golfers and professionals a more efficient swing with shafts fitted to their swing speeds and tempo. Higher handicap players can use adjustments in lie angles and shafts to overcome repetitive swing faults. Improvers and beginners need well fitted equipment to encourage the correct set up - the foundation for a solid game.

PING are top cookies in fitting clubs and we are happy to offer it.

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