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Bio Flow Sport Wristband
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Bio Flow Sport Wristband Assorted Colours

Bio Flow Sport Wristband The new Bio Flow Sport Wristband is a new era wrist band including patented magnet technology combined with a non-tearable silicone construtction and they are also water resistant. Bio Flow Sport Wristbands use a unique multi directional force of magnetism which is called reverse polarity and has been researched extensivly by Bio Flow to ensure they improve thier technology to the best of thier abilities to make the best product possible. All in all Bio Flow Wristbands are thought to improve blood flow around the body which improves overall performance and reduces painful injuries.


The Bio Flow Sport Wristband is a stylish rubber wristband that is made for use during sporting activities so it is very suple and soft to allow a good range of motion but it is very durable at the same time.


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