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Mizuno GT180 Golf Fairway Wood
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Mizuno GT180 Golf Fairway Wood

For the golfer seeking ultimate adjustability the Mizuno GT180 Fairway Wood could be the perfect choice. Low spin, faster face, increased distance, the GT180 has it all, with the ability to vastly reduce or increase spin rates as your game and conditions dictate.
The evolution of Mizuno's Amplified Wave sole and sliding weight technology makes the GT180 one of the most customisable fairway woods in the game. Amplified First Wave pushes weight low and forward in the head for a flatter trajectory, in addition to creating incredible ball speeds. While an upgraded sliding weight track now features 17g of movable weight, creating the potential for spin rates to be fine tuned to deliver the perfect launch characteristics for your game.
The GT180 is the first fairway wood from Mizuno to feature a 1770 Maraging steel face. The benefit of using this material is that it is stronger and more flexible than the more commonly used 455 stainless steel, and can be made thinner and more responsive. The result is explosive ball speeds across the entire face delivering increased distance with a flatter, more efficient ball flight.

"We’ve managed to significantly reduce the lower end range of spin rates but kept the overall range of adjustability.  Players with at the faster end of swing speeds are going to see a much flatter trajectory – but have the possibility of increasing their spin should the conditions dictate." - Bill Price.

The Mizuno GT180 Fairway Wood comes fitted with the high performance Mitsubishi Tensei shaft as standard. This premium options delivers a low to mid/low launch depending on the model chosen and has been selected to emphasis the low spin characteristics of the club.
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