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Srixon Z 785 Golf Driver
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Srixon Z 785 Golf Driver

Add speed and distance to your long game with Srixon's fastest, longest and most workable range yet. Srixon's latest offering the Z 785 Driver delivers unprecedented long-game performance for the serious golfer. A new lightweight carbon crown, faster Ti51AF Cup Face and Quick Tune system combine to provide a long game thats's crafted for tour. A look and profile to suit the better players eye, with low-spin, low launch characteristics.

Carbon makes you straighter. Srixon have introduced a new 5-layer Lightweight Carbon that allows weight to be redistributed to the perimeter of the head for increased heel-toe MOI. That increase boosts forgiveness and provides a tighter dispersion that can be the difference between finding the fairway and ending up in the rough.

Larger is faster. Thinner is faster. The Ti51AF Cup Face utilised on Z 785 Driver is both. Srixon have incorporated a new Cup Face rolled from exotic Ti51AF titanium, not only lighter than the more traditional 6-4 titanium, but 8% stronger. This lighter, stronger alloy allowed their engineers to go thinner and stretch even farther around the crown and sole. The larger and thinner the face the more it can flex and by stretching it around the crown and sole they have created the hottest, fastest Srixon driver ever made.

Adjustability perfects performance. Srixon's Quick Tune System allows you to work with the characteristics of your swing - not against them - to experience your most consistent long game performance yet. An adjustable hosel lets you select the loft, lie and face angle that best suit your swing. While interchagable weights allow you to change swing weight for total customisation.

The Srixon Z 785 Driver is fitted as standard with the premium Project X HZRDUS Red shaft delivering remarkable distance for the stronger more aggressive golfer, without sacrificing control.
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Srixon Z 355 Golf Driver
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Srixon Z 355 Golf Driver

Action Mass technology, that's the key behind the new Srixon Z 355 Driver, in fact it's the key behind the development of the entire Z 355 series. The Z 355 Driver combines improved distance, maximum forgiveness and great feel in a generous looking head shape. The aim of the Z 355 range was to engineer a set of clubs designed specifically for the club golfer and by adopting Action Mass technology Srixon's engineers had the capability to generate more kinetic energy at impact, generating more distance.

So what is Action Mass Technology? It is the result of extensive digital simulations and player testing revealing that the most effective way to get a more consistent swing is to concentrate more weight in the club head and raise the balance point of the shaft. The design on the Z 355 range promotes distance by organically creating more club head speed through the downswing, and more ball speed at impact thanks to the generation of greater kinetic energy. The Z 355 Driver has a 211 gram, 450cc head featuring an ultra-high balance point Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft, helping increase ball speed, while promoting a more consistent swing. Something every club golf is looking for.

Now there is no point in making a club that you can swing ultra fast if you then lose all the ball speed from off-centre striking. That's where the Booster Ti Cup Face comes into play, this design enlarges the sweetspot in the centre of the face thanks to variable face thickness, the result is faster ball speeds from a larger area.

The Z 355 Driver features the same hosel adjustability found on the 5 and 7 series models, QTS adjustability precisely tunes ball flight with 12 unique settings for loft, lie and face angle.

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