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Arccos 360 Golf Performance Tracking System
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Arccos 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

Introducing the all new and improved second generation performance tracking system from Arccos, the perfect accessory for the analytical golfer looking to take their game to the next level. Designed with the modern player in mind, the Arccos 360 has 14 sensors which attach easily to the top of each club and automatically records and analyzes every shot you hit throughout the round. It does this by utilising shot tracking, GPS 2.0 and Tour Analytics. Incorporating this clever system into your game will allow you to identify the key strengths and weaknesses in your game based on data, know your yardages and club selection and know exactly how far it is to certain points on any given course you're playing. As a result of this technologoy, the Arccos 360 is the worlds most accurate automatic golf performance tracking system, with its users statistically improving 36x faster than the average golfer.