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Ping Cadence TR Rustler Adjustable Putter - Shop Soiled
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Ping Cadence TR Rustler Adjustable Putter - Shop Soiled

We have a shop soiled Ping Cadence TR Rustler Adjustable Putter in fantastic condition, apart from a few light marks to the sole this club is immaculate and not to be missed. A great club at a great price.

Engineered to fit a golfer's stroke tempo and swing preference, the new Ping Cadence TR™ Putter range advances putter fitting utilising different weight inserts to vary the head weight. Traditional-weight heads in the Cadence range feature an aluminum insert (blue face and grip) suiting mid-to-faster tempos, and offer help with lag putting, whereas the Heavy versions (black face and grip) have a stainless steel insert, adding approximately 25 grams for slower tempos and can improve results on shorter putts. (Traditional and heavy grips weigh the same.) Both Cadence TR™ face inserts feature the next generation of 'True Roll Technology' grooves providing maximum forgiveness by normalizing ball speeds across the face. The grooves vary in depth and width from the center of the face to significantly improve ball-speed consistency on putts of any length. Models of the Ping Cadence TR™ putter are available to fit any stroke type, and all feature a black PVD finish and white alignment lines. Optional adjustable-length shafts range from 31" to 38". The Anser 2 (CB) counter-balanced model is available only in a 400g traditional head. The Ping Cadence TR™ Rustler Adjustable Putter is a new design and will suit any type of putting stroke. The head for the traditional weight version comes in at 350g while the 'Heavy' version weighs 383g perfect for anyone with a slower tempo stroke. All Cadence TR™ putters feature a slightly thicker Ping PP58 midsize grip that has been specifically designed to feel better and eliminate any excess movement through the shot.

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