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2021 Cobra RADSPEED Equipment Range

2021 Cobra RADSPEED Equipment Range

Cobra Golf is a market leader in club innovation and today introduce their highly anticipated new range of products, RADSPEED. Sounds crazy, I know. In a nutshell, RADSPEED means radial weighting and it’s how the weight is distributed around the clubhead. The entire range is aimed at pushing the limits of golf and maximising performance for the full spectrum of players.

Cobra has always been great when it comes to shelf appeal and creating a driver that looks incredible. The new RAD line uses an exotic green throughout its range which really sets it aside from other brands. Cobra has made it clear they aren’t afraid to be different when it comes to product innovation like with the introduction of one length irons.

The RADSPEED drivers come in three different head options: SPEED, XB and XD. All obviously suited for different swing types. We will start at the top with Cobra’s standard Speed model. The new RADSPEED driver is designed with a 460cc traditional shape, and forward-biased Radial Weighting to appeal to the better player seeking low spin, low launch and workability.

Cobras engineers worked tirelessly to find the perfect blend of maximum speed and forgiveness to create the perfect driver for the player seeking the ‘extreme’ performance. This wouldn’t be achievable without implementing the new lighter T-bar chassis and an even thinner carbon crown, which meant the engineers totalled saving of 13grams.

A returning feature on the entire RAD woods family is the CNC Milled Infinity face. The entire milling process takes up to 25 minutes per face and is significantly more advanced than the traditional hand polishing method as it produces thickness and bulge and roll tolerances that are up to five times more precise. The infinity face is designed to help off-centre hits stay on target while maintaining the distance due to its variable face thickness.

The next driver head available is XB, which is short for extreme back. This driver is for the player who still wants the extra speed and forgiveness with the help of further back weighting. The 460cc clubhead utilizes rear-biased Radial Weighting to deliver the fastest and straightest ball flight of the three models. The driver features 20g positioned in the back (14g of fixed weight; 6g interchangeable weight), and 8g of fixed weight in the front, making the XB arguably COBRA’s fastest and most forgiving driver to date.

Last but certainly not least in the driver range is the XD, which stands for Extreme Draw. Having a driver head which is draw-bias to help the player that has tendencies to hit the ball to the right if you are a right-handed player. This driver head has a fixed 10g internal weight positioned in the heel to enable easier face closure at impact and create a draw-bias drive.

One of the big advantages of the Cobra drivers in comparison to the other market leaders is the price point. At £369 this one of the cheapest drivers on the market and reflects extremely good value for money. Why spend more on a product that performs the same or worse than the Cobra?

Our new RADSPEED drivers represent a true breakthrough in performance,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D, COBRA Golf. “Our engineers have outdone themselves by pushing the Radius of Gyration to new levels and delivering three distinct drivers aimed at three different types of golfers. With the RADSPEED driver family, COBRA can truly offer optimized performance for everyone from Tour players to weekend warriors and those who need help correcting a slice.” 

To complement the new line of drivers are the RADSPEED fairway woods. Like the drivers the fairway woods come in three different head styles, all for different ball trajectories and swing speeds. Each fairway features COBRA’s signature Baffler Hollow Split Rails, which increase flexion on the leading edge by 70% to increase speed while still providing excellent turf interaction. The RADSPEED fairways come in three families which include: RADSPEED, BIG TOUR AND DRAW.

The RADSPEED hybrids are available in the standard gloss black and turbo yellow but also in a matte black, red and blue colour combo for the one length model. Utilize COBRA’s innovative Radial Weighting Technology with the emphasis on extreme front weighting for an ultra-low spin, faster ball speed, and increased distance. The hybrid has a forged steel face insert and Hollow Split Rails to create a lower CG location, higher launch angle and ultimately create more distance. This club is fantastic from a number of lies and can help propel your game to the next level.

Let's move onto one of Cobra’s most innovative creations to date, the one length irons. The RADSPEED one length irons promote a repeatable setup and swing to help you play more consistent golf shots. The use of progressive shaft weighting promotes a high launch and forgiveness in the longer irons. The one-length variant suits a player seeking extra help launching the ball with longer, lower lofted clubs. Struggle to hit your 5 iron but love your 7? These can solve all your issue and reinstate that confidence behind the ball.

And finally to complete the RADSPEED family is the variable length irons. Continuing from the driver the irons also have a black and turbo yellow finish. The design of these irons is aimed at maximizing performance through the strategic placement of weight relative to the Center of Gravity (CG) to optimize speed and forgiveness. Engineers discovered that positioning the weight more on the heel and toe, they could lower the overall CG while improving the clubhead stability.