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Callaway Rogue X Golf Irons

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Lighter, Longer, Stronger. The Callaway Rogue X Irons are a complete distance overhaul. Lighter in weight, longer in length, with stronger lofts, Rogue X puts everything else in the shade when it comes to distance.

A wide sole and topline make for easy, high launch and long carry, while Callaway's 360 Face Cup and VFT deliver increased ball speeds. For the golfer looking for extreme distance, there is no other club like it. Rogue X is the ultimate distance iron.

Lighter weights, longer lengths and stronger lofts are the key to maxing out distance with the Rogue X Irons, though at their core they utilise the same innovative clubface technologies as the rest of the Rogue range. Revolutionary 360 Face Cup and Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology combine to promote faster balls speeds across a larger area of the face. 360 Face Cup employs a shallow, flexible rim around the perimeter of the face that flexes and releases at impact to increase ball speed and minimise distance loss on those off centre strikes. VFT also influences how the face itself flexes to promote more ball speed on off-center hits.

The upside of utilising an ultra-thin clubface is than you can deliver extreme ball speed and distance, the downside is that you incur excessive vibration that generates an unpleasant sound and feel. To eliminate this, Callaway have incorporated a new technology called elastic-urethane microspheres, dampening vibration of the thin-fast face to improve sound and feel without compromising COR or ball speed.

Finally MIM'd tungsten has been introduced to deliver optimal ball flight and control, Callaway refer to as their Internal Standing Wave. By using MIM'd (metal injected molding) tungsten weighting it allowed Callaway's engineers to accurately position the CG in each of the long irons with extraordinary precision, promoting optimum launch and control at each individual loft. The tungsten, twice as heavy as steel, concentrates significant weight into a small space in the form of an intricately shaped part, which is key to precisely controlling CG location.

To gain maximum performance for the Rogue X Irons Callaway have fitted them with a KBS MAX 90 shaft as standard. The MAX 90 shaft is lightweight and designed to deliver a high trajectory and spin rate for longer distance shots.


• 360 Face Cup + VFT for More Ball Speed - Two innovative clubface technologies work together to deliver more ball speed across a huge area of the face for more average distance, swing after swing.

• MIM’d Internal Standing Wave for Optimal Flight and Control - Tungsten-infused ISW is twice as heavy as steel to concentrate weight in a specific area, allowing precise control over CG location for optimal flight and control.

• Urethane Microspheres for Great Feel - Dampens vibration of the thin, fast face to improve sound and feel without compromising COR and ball speed.

• Four Models to Accommodate Every Type of Player - Rogue Standard for balanced performance; Rogue X for maximum distance; Rogue Pro for better players; Rogue W for slower swing speeds.


Head Material
Cast Steel
Head Size
Head Type
Cavity Back
Shaft Manufacturer
True Temper
Shaft Type
2 Years

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