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Custom Fitting Benefits

Custom Fitting Benefits

Why should you get custom fit for golf clubs? Many new and old golfers are confused to the benefits of a custom fitting and I’m going to explain why.

For many golfers the biggest issue with being custom fit is time. Committing an hour of your time to see a fitter may be very inconvenient for some. Purchasing golf clubs off the shelf is not only quicker but far easier. But, this is not always the best way to spend your money.

The latest golfing equipment is jam-packed with new technology and forever promising to improve forgiveness, power and adjust-ability, but is becoming of little value unless custom fit. To really see the improvement of technology making the most of professional advice on shaft flex, loft, lie and weight distribution will go a long way.

One major gain from a custom fitting is confidence. Being comfortable with the clubs your holding can change the way you approach the game. Knowing that your clubs have been custom built for you and to fit the way you swing can improve the physiological side of golf.

A custom fit is free of charge when you purchase a set of clubs. This means that the return on investment is huge. When you are out-laying a large sum of money on new hardware it makes sense to take advantage of a free service to make sure your investment is right for you. 

Avoid being bias towards any particular model, being open-minded is the best possible outcome for a fitter. Many golfers have preconceptions of brands and therefore will want to be fit into a particular brand. Trying to fit yourself into a brand will be your first mistake on the day of a fitting session. Try all brands. Don’t even think about the brand the fitter is testing with you. Base your decision on the data and feel of the club. 

Don't get caught up on distance. Yes, you might try a TaylorMade P790 and it flies 20 yards further than your current 7 iron. But, the lofts on all clubs are different and just because the loft of the club isn’t labelled on the bottom of your head, doesn’t mean you should discount it. Obviously gaining distance when being fitted is one the main benefits golfers look for but make sure to take into account if a certain model has cranked the loft of their club.

To allow for an accurate fitting make sure you’ve got a consistent swing. For example, if you normally slice then ball but in the fitting you’re now hooking it. The reality is that the fit will be wrong as your swing isn’t on the same path as when you normally play.

Being honest with the fitter is key to getting the best results. Your fitter won’t be offended if you didn’t like a specific club so don’t feel like you have to lie to please anyone. If a club doesn’t feel right for you, tell the fitter. Transparency with the fitter will only aid the experience and overall outcome. 

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