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FootJoy Premiere Series Shoe

FootJoy Premiere Series Shoe

FootJoy is known around the world for bringing out the best and most innovative golf shoes on the market. From classic shoe to modern trainer, they cover all basis. In today's review, we are going to be discussing the brand new FootJoy Premiere Series.

‘Inspired by then. Supercharged for now’

FootJoy has taken a classic shoe design and brought it into the 21st century and done so in style.  This shoe begins a whole new chapter for FJ. A modern shoe reimagined with supercharged technology to suit the best players in the world.  This certainly sets a whole new level of standard when it comes to sporting footwear.

“I couldn’t put the Premieres in play fast enough. They look incredible—visually instilling confidence, and my feet feel in complete control throughout my swing.” JUSTIN THOMAS.

FJ has introduced revolutionary technology in the sole of the shoe with VersaTrax technology. This delivers unparalleled traction and stability in all conditions and playing surfaces. FJ claim because of their handcrafted selection of materials it creates an outstanding appearance and unrivalled comfort.

FootJoy has created 3 different styles for the Premiere Series shoe: Packard, Tarlow and Flint. Yes, I am with you. Not sure about the names either but let’s move on.

At first glance, the three styles appear very similar just with subtle differences. Lets start with the Packard. The Packard is a textured leather with a premium leather strap saddling the centre of the shoe. This helps break up the shoe whilst maintaining its classic image.

The Tarlow at first viewing is by far the most “out there” shoe and may not appeal to a younger audience. But that is why FJ has released three variants, to suit all golfers. The Tarlow has a brogue style appearance with different textured leather on the toe, heel and lace cover. All while being encompassed by a wood textured sole.

Flint is the most reserved shoe in terms of appearance but is not the worst. It has an elegant look with a ribbed saddle across the centre of the shoe. FootJoy has done a great job at recreating a classic shoe and making it fit into the moderns golfers game.