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FootJoy Premiere Series Shoe

FootJoy Premiere Series Shoe

FootJoy is known around the world for being the number one golf shoe brand. From classic shoe to modern trainer, they cover all basis. In today's review, we are going to be discussing the brand new FootJoy Premiere Series.

The Premiere Series Shoe is a classically styled shoe brought into the 21st century and is jam-packed with new technology. FootJoy has introduced revolutionary technology in the sole of the shoe with VersaTrax technology. This delivers unparalleled traction and stability in all conditions and playing surfaces. FJ claim because of their handcrafted selection of materials it creates an outstanding appearance and unrivalled comfort.

The Premiere Series has three different styles; Tarlow, Flint and Packard. Each model has a different leather styling and construction making each one unique from the other.

Many of you may be wondering, are the Premiere Series shoes waterproof? Well, we can confirm after vigorous water testing of our own, they are in fact 100% water-resistant. You can rest assured that your shoe will remain dry for the entirety of your round when we are able to restart at the end of the month.

Lee Westwood has had some brilliant recent success wearing the FootJoy Premiere Series Flint, in white. Most recently worn at The Players Championship in which he fought a hard second place, to the eventual winner, Justin Thomas.

Many golfers from overseas who live in warmer climates may not be worried about the resistant of water on the course and more worried about comfort. So, just how comfortable are the Premiere Series shoes? Prior to testing, we were sceptical of the comfort levels, but once your foot slides into the footbed you know you are saddled into a premium piece of footwear. The sheepskin leather inner walls keep your feet secure and comfortable, whilst the Orhtolite Eco Plush footbed looks after the soles of your feet.

Another question we get commonly asked here at Snainton Golf is, how do FootJoy shoes fit? They are a standard fit, so they cater to a range of sizes.

Some lady golfers may be wondering whether they have a women’s range of Premiere Series shoe and the answer is yes. FootJoy has 3 styles available and the shoe will also be available on MyJoys.

When is the Premiere Series released? The FootJoy Premiere Series shoe is available to purchase from today (15/03/2021) at Snainton Golf. One huge factor in purchasing new shoes is the price. Just how much do these shoes cost? The Packard and Flint come in at £149 while the Tarlow is slightly higher at £159.

  1. FootJoy Premiere Series Flint Golf Shoes
    FootJoy Premiere Series Flint Golf Shoes
  2. FootJoy Premiere Series Packard Golf Shoes
    FootJoy Premiere Series Packard Golf Shoes