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Getting Into Golf

Getting Into Golf

A game for all ages and playing abilities, golf is the perfect sport for everyone thanks to its handicapping system that allows players of all abilities to compete against one another. Not only does golf get you socialising with different people it offers regular exercise, fantastic view of the countryside and a welcome escape from everyday life.

So you've been to the driving range a few times and even ventured out to the local pitch and putt. Now you're thinking golf is something you'd like to get more involved in.

With all the complicated rules and various types of equipment it could easily become a very daunting thought, and put you off before you even have a chance to get going.

We at Snainton Golf are here to help and take you through the basics in order to get you kitted up and out on the course.


There's no question that equipment that has been custom fitted to your specifications is going to be better for your game, but you needn't worry about forking out vast amounts of money just yet.

Focus on finding equipment that is going to benefit your game and develop your skills for low cost.

A great way to get started is with a good starter set, they range from around £150 - 350 and come complete with everything you need to get going, including a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putter and a bag to put everything in.

Alternatively you can build up a set as you go. You're allowed up to 14 clubs in your bag but when you're just getting started you won't need that many, and sometimes a half set will suffice.

Many brands offer game improvement clubs and they're definitely worth looking out for especially in the sales.

The key is loft, the more the better as a beginner. Look for clubs with a high degree of loft that will help get the ball in the air easily. In addition offset clubs can be a great help to people just starting out as they help get the club face square at impact providing straighter shots.

If you're an absolute beginner and are completely unsure where to start then don't guess, always try before you buy. Head down to your local club or shop and try out a variety of different clubs to find out what works the best within your budget, then get online and find the best deals.


Really the only other thing you need to consider when starting the game of golf is balls. If you've never played before or are just getting into the game then you're better off buying cheap as you're almost certainly going to lose a few balls each time you play.

As your ability progresses and you begin to lose less balls each round then you should look to pick a ball to suit your game and preference. A good way to choose is to try putting with a few different models to find one that you like the feel of, the reason for this is that your putter will be your most used club in the bag so finding a ball you like to putt with makes the most sense.

If your still undecided then buy balls in sleeves of 3 rather than in 1 dozen boxes, this will allow you to test out different models on the course without spending a fortune.

For complete advice on golf balls check out this post