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Masters Golf Strong Arm Travel Bag Club Protector

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Now £19.99 RRP £24.99 Save £5.00

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The must have accessory for all travelling golfers! Ever worried about the potential damage travelling abroad can cause to your expensive clubs? The way airport staff have been known to throw golf bags around from terminal to terminal can be somewhat distressing to think about, especially when many full sets can cost thousands of your hard earned pounds. Even padded travel covers sometimes struggle to cope with sheer ferocity and callousness of these throws, with many golfers globally unpacking their bags only to find their clubs in pieces! Well worry no more with this genius piece of equipment from Masters Golf, providing a true game-changer in the travel accessories market so you can rest easy on your flights. This amazing device is extendable to fit any set of clubs regardless of length, and provides extreme durability thanks to its umbrella like structure that cushions and absorbs any impacts that your driver or fairway wood would otherwise be subjected to, allowing you to travel completely stress-free in absolute piece of mind that the Strong Arm is keeping your clubs safe and sound. At just £19.99 this incredible device represents a tiny price to pay compared to that of replacing your pride and joy should you fall foe to airport woes.

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