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Golf Etiquette 2020

Golf Etiquette 2020

Every golf course will have its own club rulings. But most follow the same course etiquette. Golf etiquette is almost the unwritten rules of golf. It's polite to follow them and makes everyone else on the course enjoy their time as well as yourself. 


Slow play is frowned upon throughout the golfing community. This is because nobody wants to spend 5 hours on the course, plus it would leave no time for the clubhouse post-round. The last thing a golfer wants is a group of players waiting for you to tee off behind you. To help speed up play there are small things you can do. Don’t fill in your scorecard on the putting green. This can be completed when walking to the next tee. Only take what’s needed to the tee box. Do you really need to take your full bag? Take the club or choice or if you’re in limbo with two clubs, take them both. This saves tee box times and allows you to get moving again.


This is one ruling that not only helps yourself and other players lives easier, but also helps out the greenkeepers. These are the people that get up at stupid o’clock in the morning and prepare the course (and mostly do a fantastic job). If you are the type of player to take a huge chunk of grass when you strike the ball, then find the grass and put it back where it came from. Make sure you have a pitch mark repairer before the start of every round. You don’t want to be borrowing a friends every-time you take a pitch shot onto the green. Make a pitch mark? Repair it. It’s really that simple.


Before your round double-check the dress code of the course. Some may be fine with you wearing casual clothing, others may not. Adhering to the dress code is a sign of respect to the club you’re playing at. Don’t want to wear the clothing? Don’t play the course.


Every player is allowed to get annoyed on the course at one point or another. But in no circumstances should your temper reflect your actions. Example, you should never throw your club after a bad swing and swear at yourself or others on the course. This can ruin the mood for everyone in your group, you don’t want to be the reason everyone had a rubbish day.


Nobody wants a playing partner that talks on their backswing. Stand still and be quiet when it is another persons turn to play their shot. Another thing to clear up is walking on the greens. Try not to walk over the line of someone's putt. Putting is down to very fine margins and many players will feel aggravated if you walk over their line.


If you can see someone is struggling or not following course etiquette, politely let them know or educate them on what they did wrong. If someone left a club on the fringe of the green or a headcover has been left behind, let them know or pass it on to them at the next tee box.