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Equipment Essentials For Rain On The Golf Course

Equipment Essentials For Rain On The Golf Course
By James Blenkinsopp

Can you play golf in the rain? If so, and most importantly, can you still play good golf in the rain? Here we take a look into a few key pieces of equipment to help keep your score together when inclement weather strikes.

Preparation is key here, if your 14 holes into a fantastic round and the heavens open then you need to make sure the weather is not a reason for your good score to deteriorate.

So there are some obvious things to mention, make sure you have a good set of Golf Waterproofs, this means top and bottoms, they need to fit you correctly and ensure you look into the warranty offered when buying a good waterproof suit.

Invest in a quality Golf Umbrella. Double canopy if possible and the larger the better, 68” ideally, this will come in handy if it's windy. As well as this, the double canopy will be sturdier and less likely to blow inside out should you encounter the wrath of a breezy links course.

Do golf rain gloves really work? Yes! These are invaluable items to keep in your golf bag in heavy downpours. The wetter they get the better they grip, good Wet Weather Golf Gloves are really a must. They help you keep better contact with the golf club and therefore you will be less likely to suffer from the club slipping in your hands.

The next thing is a simple one - its a good quality Golf Towel. Towels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices to suit all needs. By keeping your hands and clubs dry with a wipe from your towel, you'll be amazed at the extra control you'll have before executing a shot. Some towels even come with a waterproof outer layer to ensure the valuable dry interior remains intact.

Keep your gear dry, most golf bags offer a certain level of water resistance however some offer full waterproofing. Waterproof Cart Bags and Waterproof Stand Bags feature seam-sealed pockets, rain hoods and a minimum of a 1-year manufacturer guarantee come as standard in both carry and cart bags.

Make sure you're not looking enviously at your playing partners who manage to play well in the rain, be prepared for a downpour and even look good in a Waterproof Golf Cap or Golf Bucket Hat while doing it!