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Golfing Holiday Essentials

Golfing Holiday Essentials

All golfers love a trip away, whether it's just a short UK break or going further afield its always a good idea to make sure you have everything to enjoy your golf holiday to the fullest. Here we have put together a short check list of the essentials every golfer should consider.

Travel Bags

If you're anything like us, then the thought of playing with someone else's clubs just doesn't seem right, which means you're going to need to take your own.

Possibly the most important thing you'll need is a good quality travel bag. Yes they may seem expensive but it's definitely worth paying that little bit extra to protect your most prized possessions, plus if you buy right then it's a one time purchase that will last for years to come. Buy cheap and you may end up buying twice, not only that but you risk damage to your equipment.

Buying Advice:

As we've mentioned buying a high quality travel bag is essential but there are a few extra things you can look out for to make your travel easier.

Travel bags come in all shapes and sizes and most will accomodate pretty much any stand or cart bag with the exception of staff/tour bags. We recommend getting something with plenty of room and lots of padding, not only will it protect your clubs but it can also be used to store all of your clothes as well. Saving you paying for additional bags.

Wheels! A travel bag with wheels is a great choice, it just makes transporting your equipment so much easier, especially with the stuggle through the airport.

Golf Shoes

Taking the right footwear on your golfing holiday is essential and could be the difference between having a good or bad trip.

Location will probably dictate what sort of golf shoes you require, but it's always worth checking the forecast just in case. You really don't want to be playing in the glorious Spanish sun in a pair of traditional full spike golf shoes or trying to stay upright while attempting to tackle the old course at St Andrews in a pair of lightweight spikeless shoes.

We find more and more golfers are now making the switch to spikeless golf shoes during the summer months, while keeping their full spike shoes for winter golf. Not only do they offer superior comfort and breathability when the sun is shining and the ground is hard but you have the added advantage that you can go straight from home to the club to the course without having to change footwear.

Travel Advice:

If you're unsure what the conditions are going to be like, it may sound obvious but we'd recommend taking both options, why risk getting it wrong. A handy tip is to store your full spikes in your travel bag and wear your spikeless shoes to travel in.

Balls & Accessories

From experience it’s always worth stocking up on golf balls and accessories before you travel as alot of resorts tend to charge premium prices, and if your travelling abroad be aware the courses tend to have more water hazards than your local members course.

Travel Advice:

An absolute must regardless of location is your umbrella, whether it's blazing sunshine or torrential rain your umbrella will offer maximum protection out on course.

Take a selection of gloves with you, they don't take up much space and are always worth having, if it's just to replace a worn one or you get caught out by the weather, a fresh glove can make a difference.

GPS & Laser Rangefinders

These aren't essential but if you're the type of golfer that likes to experience new courses then they can be very handy and offer a huge advantage over your playing partners. Providing you with accurate yardages and even a map of the course.

Buying Advice:

It is just a matter of preference really. We find that all golfers regardless of ability can benefit from a GPS devices showing where hazards are located, plus distances to front, middle and back of the green. Just make sure you check the course you're playing is loaded before you set off.

For full details and buying advice when it comes to GPS vs Laser check out our comparison article:

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