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Irons - Forged v Cast What's the difference?

Irons - Forged v Cast What's the difference?

Steel is used in both forged and cast irons it’s just the process which results in the differing outcome. With a forged club the single billet of steel is heated up to up to 1200 degrees before under going a series of stages of primary and precision forging before final grinding and plating. The result for the player is increased feel with a greater emphasis on control and shot shaping due to a blade or slight cavity iron design usually suiting a low/mid handicap serious player. The alternative is a cast iron which is a much more simple process not requiring the forging, grinding and plating so therefore is a lower cost more the mass market option. Although there is less feel for the player with a cast head the advantage is they are more suited to a perimeter weighted design and multi-material construction the result of which is great forgiveness and distance.