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Mizuno Pro 221 Iron Review

Mizuno Pro 221 Iron Review

Mizuno are yet to release any new irons to the market which leads us to believe that Mizuno will be launching them in the coming months.

Former world no.1 Justin Rose doesn’t currently have an equipment sponsor and is therefore free to play whatever irons he wants. Rose was most recently spotted at The Open Championship at Royal St. George’s Golf Club equipped with a Mizuno Pro 221 iron. Earlier last month, three new Mizuno irons were added to the USGA Conforming List including Mizuno Pro 221, 223 and 225 models.

Judging by USGA’s images, it appears the Mizuno Pro 221 irons are the most akin to traditional blade irons. The 223 irons appear to be a cavity back design iron, while the 225 models have “HMB” stamped on their hosels.

The Mizuno Pro 221 irons has “GF Forged HD 1025E” stamped on the hosel and based on Mizuno most recent releases this stands for “Grain Flow Forged High Density 1025E”. Grain Flow refers to Mizuno’s forging process that ensures the grains in the metals of the iron flow in a particular direction for better precision and feel.

The most comparable iron to the MP (Mizuno Pro)-221 is the MP-20. One of the most desirable irons ever made, due to their sleek, compact design and unmatched feel. But, what’s different? Well, from images alone it appears that the muscle pad in the 221 is a slightly different shape to the MP-221 and covers less of the club. It seems to have continued the low glare brushed satin finish to ensure the MP-221 has a classy look in the bag.

One big question is- will Mizuno continue their MP title range or will it be re-branded as the Mizuno Pro range? One thing for certain is that the United States products will most definitely be named Mizuno Pro and not MP. Will the UK and Europe follow suit? Mizuno are yet to release any product information yet but we are due to find out in more in October.


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