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Motocaddy M7 Electric Trolley

Motocaddy M7 Electric Trolley

The M7 is the eighth model in the compact folding M-Series of trolleys and is arguably the most cutting edge alongside the M5 GPS, offering near hands-free steering.

One concern you may have with the M7 trolley has how practical it is. Does it take ages to set up? In short, no. Loosen a couple of latches and unfold the wheels and you are good to go. The only extra step taken is to attach the anti-tip wheel and obviously have the remote control in hand.

As well as being completely controlled by a remote, it also folds down into a very small footprint. This is great for storing in small places such as mini hatchback boots. If preferable it comes with an optional pop-out stand to be able to store vertically.

Steering the trolley will become second nature after the first few holes with the M7. Plus, there is no need to worry about the trolley getting away from you downhill due to the Down Hill Control feature that ensures the trolley remains at a walking pace at the steepest of inclines.

The wheelbase is slightly wider than previous models due to the reliance on the automation of the trolley. This means it is pretty much ‘tip proof’. If however, it comes to it, the trolley can be controlled by the traditional dial on the handlebars.

The M7 functionality comes to life in certain situations such as taking your putter out while walking to the green and then remote controlling the trolley to the next tee box, saving time and stopping slow play.

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