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New Titleist TSi Range

New Titleist TSi Range

The introduction of the new Titleist TSi4 driver provides golfers seeking ultra-low spin performance with the advanced speed and distance gains that have made Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 the most played driver models this season on the PGA Tour.

The new TSi4, the driver choice of Adam Scott, Russell Henley and Richy Werenski, among others on the PGA Tour, is engineered to be a high-speed, ultra-low spin design – challenging the notion that a driver designed for extreme spin reduction cannot produce that level of ball speed. The centre of gravity is the lowest of the TSi range but is also the most forward. This creates less dynamic loft and spin at impact.

“The TSi4 fulfils the ultra-low spin product within our TSi lineup,” said Stephanie Luttrell, Director of Titleist Metalwood Development. “For those players that need aggressive spin reduction to improve their distance, we now have that product in the TSi lineup.”

Like previous models the TSi4 features the ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium Face. This is designed to reach the legal limits for a driver and produce the best possible results in terms of the speed at impact. The high inertia properties produce a very stable clubhead, which leads to more consistent strikes.

On the back of the success of the TSi2 and TSi3 models, Titleist has decided to introduce the TSi1 range. This is created for the player with a slower swing speed (less than 90mph) that seeks faster club and ball speeds but still maintain control.

TSi1 DRIVER: “With the new TSi1 driver, we focused on how to deliver even more speed than we did with the original TS1 for that player,” said Stephanie Luttrell, Titleist Director of Metalwood Development. “We maintained the launch, spin and draw bias, while successfully accomplishing our goal of increased club and ball speed with the combination of new aerodynamic head shaping, higher inertia and moving the CG closer to face centre.”

The TSi1 driver is 40g lighter than standard drivers. It is high launching with mid spin and is the most draw bias Titleist driver ever. The reshaping of the head has allowed the CG to position to be moved towards the face, which results in more ball speed vs the original TS1. Like the rest of the family, the TSi1 features the 425 ATI face which helps fulfil the faster ball speeds promise.

TSi1 FAIRWAY METALS: “One of the things that we heard pretty regularly when we launched TS1, was golfers really liked it and they wanted a fairway to go with it,” said Talge.  “We know this moderate swing speed player is a sweeper and needs help with launch, so we developed a low profile set of TSi1 fairway metals. Some of the moderate swing golfers we tested said they could never even play a fairway before they hit the new TSi1. They picked up speed, they picked up launch angle, and the mid-spin design kept the ball in the air longer.”

The TSi1 fairway woods are an ultra-lightweight setup at almost 50 grams lighter than the standard fairway woods. This was accomplished by removing 10 grams of weight from the head while maintaining the same MOI as the TSi2 fairway. The CG positioning is further back which creates that high launch, forgiving head.

TSi1 HYBRIDS: “The TSi hybrid is a totally new shape for Titleist,” said Talge. “This is the perfect complement to the lightweight TSi drivers and fairways. It has a bigger sole, the highest MOI, and is the most forgiving of any hybrid we’ve ever made. It has an extremely low CG and is 20 grams lighter than a standard hybrid.”

The hybrid has a larger profile than most traditional products and appears more of a ‘wood type’ which is engineered to deliver high launch and mid-spin. The hybrids range in lofts from 20-29 degrees so it really is a great option when it comes to gapping or replacing long irons you struggle to strike well.

As well as new introductions such as the TSi1, Titleist are also introducing the all-new TSi2/3 hybrids. The TSi2 hybrid has been described as a ‘workhorse’ hybrid, providing high launch and easy distance for players who tend to sweep the ball. It has a larger profile so will suit the player who prefers the look of a fairway wood.

The TSi3 hybrid is a lot different in looks and performance compared to the TSi2. It is a lot more compact and can be more daunting at address if you prefer the larger profile head. It features a similar SureFit CG Track Technology system as the new TSi3 fairway metals, allowing the ability to manipulate adjustability towards the toe or heel.

With the new introductions of the TSi1 range, Titleist has made their equipment accessible to all abilities. From touring professional to senior golfer, they now have a range to fit everyone.