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Odyssey Toulon Design Columbus H2 Golf Putter - Ex Demo

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The Toulon Design Columbus is a beautiful notchback blade style putter that features an H2 neck. The notchback design of the Columbus adds more weight to the perimeter of the putter, increasing MOI, and making it a very stable feeling putter. This also means it is more forgiving on off-center strikes. The notchback look provides an added alignment feature; pair that with the other key lines on the Columbus, and you have a putter that is simple to align properly.

The Columbus comes stock with an H2 long neck hosel that gives it a toe hang of about 30 degrees. This will best suit players with a straight to slight arc in their stroke.

Simply put, this design delivers mallet-type performance with the stylish sleekness of a blade.

The Meaning Behind The Name

Columbus, Ohio is recognized as perhaps the most golf-crazed city in the United States. It's home to some of the finest courses in the country, and the most accomplished player the sport has ever witnessed. It is not only a fabled heartland for football, but for certainly for golf as well; both are essential and vital parts of the mid-Ohio sports cultural landscape.


  • Deep Diamond Mill - Our unique pattern was designed after rigorous testing of 25 different mill patterns. The deep cross-hatch grooves control the sound and feel by channeling vibration and the small groove inside each diamond pattern is designed to improve the quality of the roll. The result is a putter where the sound and feel are tuned to match the distance that the ball rolls.
CounterBalanced Options
  • AR - Aggressive Release Series - AR Series putters feature two 45 gram tungsten weights, and our Toulon Design 14” SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 XL grip with a 50 gram butt end weight. Toulon Design AR Series putters help the golfer mimic the release point produced by a long or belly putter.
How It Works: Grip down approximately three inches from the butt end of the grip. During the stroke, the 50 gram butt end weight will slow down the top section of the putter, allowing the head to more aggressively pass the hands for a pronounced release of the head. The Toulon Design AR Series is available in all five models, and in a stock 38” length.
  • MR - Moderate Release Series - MR Series putters feature two 35 gram tungsten weights and a Toulon Design SuperStroke Pistol Tour or Mid Slim 2.0 grip with a 25 gram butt end weight. Toulon Design MR Series putters help the golfer generate a slightly more pronounced release of the putter head, while maintaining a more traditional stroke and grip length.
How It Works: Grip the putter as you normally would. During the stroke, the 25 gram butt end weight slightly slows down the top section of the putter, allowing the head to smoothly pass the hands for a smoother release of the putter. Because the MR Series utilizes standard lengths (33”- 36”) players will find this series very easy to adjust to. Toulon Design MR Series is available in all five models.


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