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Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters

Scotty Cameron may be better known for his manufacturing of blade putters which have been in the possession of some of the best to ever play the game, most notably Tiger Woods and Jordan Speith.

That being said, it only takes one glimpse at the bag of the elite pros to send shivers down your spine. I mean, it is bladed everything! However, in recent years there has definitely been in shift with the recent surge of new golfers a mallet-style putter. A mallet offers the players much more forgiveness and easier alignment aids to line up the putter to the target.

The Phantom range has been around since 2019 and was well-received on and off of tour, most notably played by Justin Thomas. Scotty Cameron has now introduced 4 new, upgraded models to add to their already successful line-up.

The new Scotty Cameron Phantom X putter range includes the following new models:

Phantom X 5

A completely new redesign for the X 5, with a solid 303 stainless steel face which is carried through the body and wings, combined with an aluminum sole plate and stainless steel weight. This revamped mid-mallet is reminiscent of past Futura models with its slightly more compact profile and wingback shape. Configured to be nearly' face-balanced, this tour-proven model with its single bend shaft and sightline on the top line, has also been crafted with darker alignment features in the flange to simplify setup and increase confidence.

Phantom 5.5

This is a close replica to what Justin Thomas has been famously spotted using on tour and has had major success with. It has a smaller slant neck which Thomas prefers as well as the same overall sizing makeup. One of the great advantages of the 5.5 is the milled alignment aid on the top line of the putter, as it makes lining up putts considerably easier.

Phantom X 11

The X 11 shares similarities with the wingback X 12 and the new Phantom X 5. The sleek profile and sweptback wings give the player lots of confidence at address. Plus, the white alignment aid is great for lining up putts and especially if you draw a line on your ball.

Phantom x 11.5

This putter is almost identical to the 11, however, the configuration of the shaft is slightly different. The low bent shaft is designed to allow greater toe flow while the body and face offer a more stable stroke and therefore strike. Like the other models, the target line alignment aid is great for more accurate putts.