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What a load of balls! Which golf ball are you going to use this year?

What a load of balls! Which golf ball are you going to use this year?

When it comes to golf balls it can be a minefield to select the best option for your game. I have come up with some generalizations based on experience however it’s important to realize that everyones feel is different so one rule cannot apply for all. Each golf ball manufacturer will have a range of balls to cover all swing speeds and skill levels and it can sometimes be a good idea to experiment before settling on one ball for an amount of time to develop consistency.

Aside from a one piece golf balls found at a driving range, two piece golf balls are the least expensive to buy and offer the player distance and durability. They are ideal for beginners who may lose more than most on their way round the course usually working out around £1 per ball. Some manufacturers have developed 2 piece with superior quality cores and usually surlyn covers which offer a softer feel to appeal to a mid/high handicap golfer with an average to slow swing speed who want an economical option.

Golf balls with 3 or more layer construction are primarily for the lower/mid handicap with average to high swing speed player with a where the emphasis is feel, spin and control as well as distance. With high quality urethane covers the feel is soft with good durability the core, layers and dimple patterns offer differing properties in terms of spin, launch angles, carry distances.

The new era in golf balls focuses on the lowering the compression element of the golf ball in an effort to get greater distance from the same swing speed with a very soft feel ideal for ladies and senior players with slower swing speeds. However, with so much success there are now tour level golf balls available with lower compression which work for much higher swing speeds