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Winter Golf Advice

Winter Golf Advice

Playing golf in the winter season is a great way to keep busy during the not so friendly months. However, playing good golf in the winter requires a different approach.

Winter Essentials

Making sure your hands are warm is vital. Sometimes you can be playing in minus temperatures and without well-circulated hands, you will struggle to perform the way you normally do. Having a good pair of wet weather gloves to play in is a must buy. The process is simple, the wetter your gloves get, the more grip you get. Winter mitts are another must when playing in the cold. These can be worn between shots and walking to and from tee boxes. 

Keeping warm on the course is a must. Getting yourself a good base layer/thermal will keep your body warm and prevent stiffness. One thing you don’t need when playing in the winter is to be stiff. Being as loose as possible when playing will give the best results and help keep scores lower.

A winter hat is the single most important item of clothing to ensure warmth on the course. 40-45% of body heat is lost through the head so it is crucial you keep it as insulated as possible. Purchasing a snood can help stop cold breezes passing through your clothing from the neck area. They’re also very useful to cover your face with when the rain is pouring or the wind picks up. 

Investing in a good pair of waterproof spiked shoes can prevent your socks from getting wet. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than cold feet, is there? Water entering your shoes could really take the fun out of the game so don’t risk it. 

Short game practice 

Due to the cold air, the distance you hit each club will be significantly lower. Par 4’s in summer may only need a good drive and a flick with a wedge. Now in winter you may be hitting driver, then a solid 3 wood and could still be coming up short. When even your best strikes aren’t reaching the green you will find yourself scrambling for pars a lot more than before. Ultimately you will need to brush up on your short game to even have a chance at making par.

Carry don’t push

Carrying your bag in 2020 may be an alien entity with all the latest electric trolleys that are available. But carrying your bag will not only keep you moving but will warm you up significantly quicker than if you were to push or ride a buggy. Also, due to the unfortunate weather conditions in England, courses are far more prone to becoming mud baths and some courses may even have restricted places in which trolleys can access. This makes carrying your bag the best and in some cases the only option. 

Alternatively, if you’re unable to carry your trolley due to fitness/health, purchase winter wheels. This will help grip when walking through the trenches at your local course. They do less damage to the course and also pick up less mud. 

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