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Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge

Everyone deserves the chance to play a great round of golf, even if you can’t hit the practice range each week. That’s why we built Smart Sole 4, a straightforward short game system for the everyday player. The set has you covered with simple, easy solutions to just about any greenside shot. There’s no tricky swing changes or open faces. Just grab your wedge, square up to the ball, and take a swing.

Smart Sole 4 is the straightforward short game system for the everyday club golfer, because everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the game. The Smart Sole 4 is updated with a brand-new gap wedge, the set has you covered for a simple solution to any greenside shot.

If you struggle with your short game then the Smart Sole 4 is the option for you. The large cavity backs adds further forgiveness than a typical blade like wedge, providing extra help on poor strikes. The 3-tiered sole improves contact with the golf ball and can help avoid striking the ground before ball, which will ultimately lead to better results.

Cleveland has added Milled Grooves to help increase spin and help golfers hold greens when chipping and pitching into the green. Cast grooves are dull, inconsistent, and don’t provide adequate greenside spin. The milled grooves on Smart Sole 4 are far more accurate, with sharpness right up to the conforming limit. These aggressive grooves channel moisture and debris away from the impact zone and cut through grass blades for more friction at contact. It’s a recipe for increased spin on all your shots, enhancing stopping power and control around the green.

To help you hit better shots, Smart Sole 4 Wedges feature uniquely large cavity backs and extreme perimeter weighting. It’s a level of forgiveness that’s unmatched by any other wedge system. And Cleveland made it that way because they believe you shouldn’t need perfect technique to have a perfectly good time.