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Cobra T-Rail Hybrid Iron Golf Clubs Review

Cobra T-Rail Hybrid Iron Golf Clubs Review

Cobra Golf, leaders in club innovation, has released the next generation of Cobra T-Rail irons (Transitions Rail), a fully hollow set that utilizes a unique hybrid-iron shape and advanced Baffler Rail technologies to create the optimal blend of distance and extreme forgiveness to take the super game improvement iron to the next level.

The Hollow Rails in the front create up to 70% more flex on the sole right behind the face to enhance launch and ball speed while still maintaining excellent turf interaction. A high strength, forged steel face designed with variable thickness technology helps increase ball speed and distance with off-centre hits, which will ultimately improve your score.

The set is progressive in length and the 5 iron transitions from a hybrid-iron into a classic 4-hybrid. The classic hybrid has a lower and deeper centre of gravity which helps get the ball airborne and aids in forgiveness. In addition, the classic 4 hybrid offers a great bridge between longer clubs to help perfect your gapping.

One of the biggest flaws of the T-Rail is the looks. The appearance of a golf club is always highly regarded, and many golfers lean towards a bladed iron head as opposed to a cavity, but the T-Rail irons feature a full hybrid-iron set and do not look the bet at address. They have a thick topline and the large bulbous cavity is ever-present. Contrary to the above, the large profile inspires confidence of a clean strike whereas a bladed iron will send the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

One thing to note is the extreme distance these irons produce. On testing, the seven iron was travelling over 200 yards which is 30+ yards more than standard bladed iron. These are huge gains and are specifically useful if you struggle for distance.

These clubs are fantastic for high handicap golfers or players who struggle with distance. The T-Rail iron will help improve the strike of the ball as well as launch it considerably higher, the confidence you will gain with the T-Rail's in your hands is unmatched.

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