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Golf ball rollback: All you need to know

Golf ball rollback: All you need to know

The golf ball is officially set to be rolled back. By 2028 in the professional game and in 2030 for recreational players, the new ruling will be in place and it is set to cause a storm in the golfing world with many disagreeing with the change.

The current conditions were set over 20 years ago and it is fair to say that the game has significantly advanced since they were implemented, so change is only natural.

The current testing speed of golf balls is 120mph (with a ball speed of 176mph) while the new testing measures are set at 125mph clubhead speed to keep in line with the progression of speed over the past decade with some of the biggest hitters on tour averaging 183.4mph ball speed so it only seemed right to move the goal posts for measures.

USGA and R&A have stated that the intention isn’t to take the game back 20 to 30 years but to find the middle ground that everyone can operate in going forward. One of the more interesting facts is that more than 30% of current golf balls would be conforming under the new testing regime. What does this mean for the average golfer? Well, for the most part, many will not see a difference in distance and with the irregularity of strike in average golfers it would be very difficult to measure whether the change has made a difference or not.

While the golf ball has played a huge role in distance gains over the years, you cannot dismiss the part that the golf clubs play in this issue. Should club manufacturers also have new measures? I think that will be the next step if the golf ball rollback doesn’t combat the distance problem in the pro game, because, let's be honest- the amateur golfer has never complained about being too long on the golf course!

We’re 5 years away from the change and more and more information regarding the new golf ball regulations will be released as the years go by. Is this the right move? I’m not sure, but we’re going to be here to find out!

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