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The Golfers Club Clikka Bag

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The new Golfers Club Clikka Bag is a great way to ease the pain of having to pick up your practice balls. The Clikka Bag acts in the same way as a Clikka tube, you push the end of the tube on top of the ball and it picks it up, but it has the added advantage of being able to store more balls than a conventional Clikka tube. The advantage of the Clikka Bag having a larger capacity is that you don't have to go pick up as often as the bag can hold more balls. Holds approximately 40 balls.


• Reduces Back Strain by Avoiding Bending When Retrieving Your Ball
• Lightweight
• Holds up to 40 Balls
• Flip Lid Release - Allows for Easy Removal of the Golf Balls.
• Perfect for transporting your practice balls to and from the range


The Golfers Club

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