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Odyssey Eleven Stroke Lab Putter

Odyssey Eleven Stroke Lab Putter

The appeal of mallet putters has seen an expediential rise over recent years as they help cover up a multitude of stroke woes and helps golfers roll the ball more consistently.

Any putter can produce reliable performance when struck correctly with the right stroke. However, not all putters can mask mistakes as well as a mallet does. Its high inertia means that even off-centre strikes can stay on the intended start line with a good outcome.

Last season saw Odyssey release the Two-Ball Ten putter, their flagship model. A highly popular shape combined with the legendary two ball design meant that it was an instant hit with many golfers. This year Odyssey have tried to crank it up a notch with the highly anticipated Eleven putter which features a different weight distribution system.

Typically when a putter manufacturer wants to increase the stability they normally add weight to the rear of the putter, to increase MOI evenly across the face. However, when designing the Eleven Odyssey designers used several materials to create the head and concentrate more weight forward , towards the face of the club.

To improve the feel Odyssey added a White Hot Face insert. The 20 year old insert is a fascinating one due to its hard to touch texture yet soft at impact feel, plus history tells us golfers also love the sound the face produces. The Eleven comes standard with a with a Stroke Lab shaft, which has a steel tip with a graphite centre.

The Eleven is available in 3 different head styles. A standard, a tour line which simple features a white line down the centre of the mallet, and a Triple Track design; perfect when using a Triple Track ball.

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