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Sustainable Snainton

Sustainable Snainton

There is a growing responsibility for businesses to become more eco conscious and help play their part in creating a green planet. Our aim is to contribute to the ever-growing practice of protecting the environment we live in and step by step reduce our carbon footprint.

Step 1

Reuse all returned cardboard boxes. All customer returns packaging will be reused whenever possible and may explain why your packaging doesn’t always appear to look the ‘healthiest’.

Step 2

We have installed multiple solar panels to power our head office and superstore to help reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses. Solar energy is one of the only fully renewable energy sources there is and can be harnessed in all areas of the world every day.

Step 3

Upping our commercial waste handling was an easy way to prevent more material entering landfill. In the last month we have installed an industrial carboard shredder into our warehouse which breaks down carboard into a flexible webbed netting which can be then recycled and used as free packaging material.