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Wilson Staff Launch Pad 2 Irons

Wilson Staff Launch Pad 2 Irons

Wilson’s Launch Pad irons were some true eye-openers when they were first released in 2019. This was due to being a hybrid iron set. Yes, a full set of hybrids.

Could 2022 see the introduction of brand-new Launch Pad irons? Wilson are yet to announce any of their new range however it is likely that we could see the release of a new hybrid iron set.

On testing, the current iteration of Launch Pad irons went a crazy distance. The 7-iron hit distances closer to 200 yards a near 40 yards further than a standard cavity-backed 7-iron. Obviously, this is one of the main attractions to the irons. They go a long way. But, they are also extremely easy to hit and even miss-hits went a fair distance.

One concern over the years has been the ability to hit “different” types of shots- an array of different shapes. Granted, it is a super game improvement iron and not necessarily designed to be shaping the ball. Another huge plus to the launch pad irons is the generatively designed turf interaction sole which is designed to help players hit the ball cleanly and get it airborne most consistently. In comparison to Wilson’s D9 iron, the divot was 2 inches shorter and a lot shallower, which means greater ball to face contact can be made.

One thing fans can hope for with a newly designed Launch Pad iron is a change in aesthetics. Let’s face it, the people using these irons aren’t using them for their killer looks. It’s all about performance. Saying that players would be open to some minor improvements in the looks. Wilson could potentially look at lowering the cavity of the club so it is less present at address, this will give it the image of a standard cavity-backed iron.

These super game improvement irons are aimed at high handicap golfers seeking that extra bit of help. But, these irons are also great for any players who need more distance with their irons- the Launch Pads pretty much guarantee that.

  1. Wilson Staff Launch Pad Golf Irons
    Wilson Staff Launch Pad Golf Irons

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