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Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners 2022

Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners 2022

If you're new to the game finding the right set of golf clubs can be a difficult task. To help make your job that little bit easier we've compiled a guide to help aid you in your first and potentially most important decision.

The best beginner golf clubs are all about forgiveness. And for those that don't know what this means, it's simple. The more forgiving a golf club is, the easier it is to hit. Most package sets are designed to help you launch the ball into the air and get the ball moving forward with as little effort as possible and trust me- when you hit the first perfect shot, you'll be hooked for life!

We have included a range of different package sets that vary in price and although the prices also differ, this will be a sound investment that will last you for years to come. On the flip side, if you think you'd be better suited to purchasing all your clubs separately and spend that little bit more then check out our guide on the best beginner iron sets here.

Ben Sayers M8 Package Set

Brilliant for beginners on a budget, this ben sayers set is a great way to start out on the golf course. The set comes complete with a driver, 2 fairway woods (15* & 20*), a 23* hybrid, 5-PW irons, a mallet putter and a top of the range cart bag to carry the clubs in. This set has everything you need to get started without the worry of needing more.

All irons have steel shafts and utilise perimeter weighting and a wider sole and top line to promote confident ball striking with maximum forgiveness and playability. Whereas the woods, like most premium manufacturers, use a graphite shaft to help improve club head speed and distance. 

Wilson X31 Package Set

Wilson's new X31 Package Set features innovative game-improving technologies in a perfect set for beginners. X31 Sets have been carefully assembled to make taking up the game as easy as possible. It features the following:

An oversized 460cc driver designed for maximum forgiveness. Its low CG location and perimeter weighting improves stability and ball speeds through impact even on off-centred strikes. A 15° #3 Fairway Wood designed for versatility and maximum forgiveness from both the tee or the ground. Its shallow face allows golfers to easily get into the bottom of the ball for high flying, long golf shots. A #5 Hybrid designed for maximum ease of use - its compact shape is perfect for getting you out of trouble if you're in the rough. 6-SW Iron set. These clubs make up the bulk of your bag and feature an oversize cavity with rear weighting for outstanding ease of use so you can hit high flying accurate iron shots into the green. The super-lightweight steel shafts are also very easy to swing. A traditional heel-toe style putter - this model is designed to give golfers great stability and accuracy on both short and long putts alike.

To complete the set, a lightweight stand bag comes with padded carrying straps and a number of functional pockets and top dividers for easy organisation of your various equipment.

Cobra Fly XL Package Set

The Cobra Fly XL Package has a slight increase in price and does break the £500 mark. However, the jump in quality is worth every penny! Cobra's Package Sets are the perfect way to get into the swing of the sport, featuring a carefully selected lineup of premium Cobra golf clubs and a lightweight yet spacious bag to give your game a performance edge.

This package utilises premium Cobra technologies to accelerate your development as a player. It includes:

 10.5° Driver

 #3 and #5 Fairway woods

 #4 and #5 Hybrids

 6-SW Irons


 Lightweight cart bag

Cobra King SZ Package Set

If you're the player that has been playing quite often and have decided to invest in some shiny new clubs then the SpeedZone Package set is perfect for you!

The COBRA KING SZ-S Package Set features an all-in-one setup including Driver, Fairway, Hybrids, Irons, and a putter. Everything you need to start up and get straight onto the course.

Features a slightly oversize profile, carbon wrap crown, aero shaping and a tungsten weight positioned in the back to offer maximum speed and forgiveness for longer and straighter drives.

Features a carbon crown, back weighting and a slightly shallower profile for easy launch, and increased carry for improved stopping power into the green. 

All new hollow rails are an evolution of Cobra’s Baffler Rail technology to create up to 70% more flex behind the hitting zone for faster ball speed with the same excellent turf interaction.

An ultra-forgiving iron design features a new carbon fibre topline, extreme heel and toe weighting, and PWRSHELL face inserts to deliver high launch, enhanced speed, and increased forgiveness on off-centre hits.

Cobra Blade premium putter in 34.5" length.


  1. Cobra King SZ-S Golf Package Set
    Cobra King SZ-S Golf Package Set

    Pay £313 in 3 interest-free instalments.

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  2. Cobra FLY XL 11 Piece Cart Bag Golf Package Set
    Cobra FLY XL 11 Piece Cart Bag Golf Package Set

    Pay £183 in 3 interest-free instalments.

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  3. Wilson X31 Golf Package Set
    Wilson X31 Golf Package Set

    Pay £106.33 in 3 interest-free instalments.

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