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Callaway Big Bertha Ladies Graphite Golf Irons

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The innovative new internal workings of the new Big Bertha 19 iron, including the new Suspended Energy Core that promotes distance-enhancing speed and launch conditions without sacrificing great sound and feel, makes this the best game-improvement iron Callaway has ever created. It starts with a piece of MIM'd tungsten located low in each clubhead. MIM'd tungsten is a mixture of tungsten and steel, in the form of spheres about the size of BBs, that's injection moulded then baked, shrinking its size into a single, dense, heavy piece. In the Big Bertha 19 iron, the MIM'd tungsten weight concentrates a lot of weight into a small area very low in the head, while a new polycarbonate medallion in the back of the head saves 30 grams. The shape, size, weight and position of the tungsten piece is different in each iron, to promote the optimum combination of speed, launch angle and spin-rate in the long, middle and short-irons. Together that allows for an astonishingly low CG that promotes easy launch and high, long-carrying flight. What's truly innovative is that the tungsten piece is suspended in a layer of urethane infused with thousands of tiny air pockets called microspheres. The urethane absorbs unwanted vibration to deliver excellent sound and feel, while the microspheres "give' at impact to allow the face to flex freely. This is a significant advancement because, in the past, vibration-absorbing materials touching the inner side of the face have slowed face speed, thus negatively affecting the purpose of a fast-faced iron. Previous Big Bertha iron models are hollow, so the difference in sound and feel between them and Big Bertha 19 is significant. So is the ease of launch. Additional technologies include Callaway's renowned 360 Face Cup technology, which promotes faster ball speed on both centre and off-centre hits.


    Easy Launch, Distance, and Incredible Sound and Feel From the Suspended Energy Core

    The Suspended Energy Core is the engine of the new Big Bertha irons. This revolutionary new construction suspends the MIM’d Tungsten weight using Callaway\'s proprietary urethane microspheres. It’s designed to deliver easy launch; long consistent distance; and incredible sound and feel.
      Long, Consistent Distance From the 360 Face Cup
      Callaway\'s innovative 360 Face Cup employs a flexible rim around the face that flexes and releases at impact to increase ball speed. And by using the high launch angles generated by the Suspended Energy Core, they are able to make their thinnest face cup for increased speeds that promote longer distance.
        Premium Design
        Big Bertha has an unforgettable look with its clean Smoked PVD Finish. Available with new Recoil ESX, Recoil ZT9, and KBS Max 90 shafts.


        Head Material
        Cast Steel
        Head Size
        Head Type
        Hollow Body Construction
        Shaft Manufacturer
        Shaft Type
        2 Years

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