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Cleveland TFI 2135 Satin Elevado CB Golf Putter

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Perfect alignment for every golfer, every time - Cleveland's new TFI 2135 satin range of putters reinvents the way you look at a putter to give you ultimate confidence on the greens.

So how does this putter differ from conventional putters? The key is in the alignment aid. Traditionally, alignment aids are placed on the bottom flange of the putter and allow perfect set up provided your eyes are directly over the ball. However the problem identified by Cleveland experts afrom a series of rigorous studies into golfers of all abilities is that a mere 20% of all players set up to the ball with their eyes directly above this line. Therefore for the other 80%, the angle of looking down at the sightline from either inside or outside results in misalignment, meaning eachtime you set up to a putt you're destined to miss it. So how do Cleveland solve this issue? By raising the sightline to intercept the point where the 3 lines of vision cross - set up with the eyes from the inside, set up with the eyes directly over and set up with the eyes from the outside, the putter provides the same perfect alignment for all. At 21.35mm from the ground, the basis of the putters name, this alignment aid sets up to the exact centre point on the axis of a golf ball to not only give you the perfect set up, but also to ensure that you're striking the ball from the centre time after time for unparalleld consistency.

Adding to the TFI 2135's appeal is the newly developed 'Optimized Face Milling' process in which each model features a specific milling design for much greater forgiveness and consistency on mis-hits. Your putts therefore will travel at a much more similar speed when struck in a variety of places across the face to give you a helping hand on the greens should you not find the sweet spot.

Elevado CB priorites stability in a high performance mallet shape. Two wings are placed at the rear perimeters of the design to promote much greater consistency on off centre hits, as well as improving alignment by framing the ball perfectly. The overall stroke is also much improved by the addition of a counter-balance in the oversized grip to distribute weight throughout the putter much more effectively.


  • Innovative raised alignment aid allows for perfect set up no matter which style of putting you have
  • 21.35mm from the ground sightline is positioned perfectly at the radius of a golf ball
  • Soft polymer TPU insert enhances feel
  • Optimised face milling is model specific for much improved consistency on off centre strikes
  • Range of head shapes to suit all


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1 Year
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