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Cobra F-MAX Golf Hybrid

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Lightweight technology built for effortless speed and distance, Cobra's F-MAX Hybrid is the lightest most, forgiving hybrid Cobra have ever produced. Engineered specifically for the moderate swing speed golfer, the F-MAX combines an ultra lightweight shaft with a lighter swing weight to create extreme levels of distance with less effort.

The F-MAX Hybrid features a forged 455 steel face insert, delivering incredible balls speeds even on those rare off-centre strikes. While a trio of technologies combine to deliver easy up launch with greater accuracy. The visually appealing crown alignment detailing makes the F-Max Hybrid much easier to align square at address, with an offset neck design helping bring the clubface back through square at impact. The back/heel CG location and shallower profile of the F-Max promotes higher launch for straighter, more forgiving ball flights each and every shot. Finished with a Lamkin REL Midsize grip for added comfort, the F-MAX Hybrid is the optimum blend of distance forgivness and accuracy so you can play your best golf.


  • Forged 455 Steel Insert on a Shallower Face - Ball speeds and distance are improved on off centre hits whilst also improving launch.
  • Back/Heel CG design - A fixed, back weight positioned near the heel promotes straighter, more forgiving ball flights.
  • Crown Alignment - Visually appealing crown alignment detail makes it easy to align the clubhead at address for straighter trajectories down the line.
  • Larger Grips - Larger, midsize grips improve comfort and consistency with every swing.
  • Lighter Shafts - Lighter shaft weights help golfers with moderate swing speeds generate more clubhead speed with less effort for maximum distance.
  • Lighter Swing Weights - Lighter swing weights improve comfort during the swing to help moderate swingers see improvements in launch and speed.


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